What is Rattersham?

Well, first of all, rattersham is definitely finer than Nottingham! it has been known for centuries that Nottingham had it's flaws, and Rattersham certainly does not! Rattersham is a place in the USA where various people gather annually. Rattersham is a state of mind; fresh, outlandish, satirical, Old's Cool, and yet soo current. (this ain't your Daddy's Rattersham)

What does FTN mean?

If anyone thinks FTN means anything other than "Finer Than Nottingham", it is pure rumor and speculation (and that's our story…)

Rattersham likes:

Motorcycles, Asphalt, Rock & Roll, Hot Rods, Steampunk, Leather Jackets, MAD, BRMC, Vintage, and of course Rat.

Rattersham doesn't like:

"what'ya got?"


Welcome to the Rattersham experience, fly the colors and blaze your own path!!